Unite to Strive for the Interests of the Member of the Chinese Community



The Minhua Forum entitled "Incident of Prof. Guan" exquisitely exposed the Minnesota reality de factor: after the errors occurred in the system, which escalated into using car accident to persecute Prof. Guan, the legal system appears so ineffective, whilst the system, in turn, has tried to defend itself with so many beautiful creative reasons.

The Chinese Americans has long had very little voice in the system. They usually, due to variety of historical reasons, dare not critique the errors in the system. One of the major reasons is that they have very weak democratic conceptualizations. Most of the Chinese Americans had little interest to participate. The Chinese American media in the US mostly do advertisement, business, showing little or an occasional mild criticism to politics. At the same time, they usually publish braver, fiercer or more frank criticism to their own problems and the problems of the country of their origin. They may or may not necessarily realize that the best constructive attitude toward the system is to participate, evaluate and critique. Critic attitude and defending attitude are equally constructive to the system as we call the United States of America --- that is why we need a two-party system, that is why we need a check-and-balance system, which is why we need to encourage voters to voice their ideas. To stand up to appeal for the interest of the members of the Chinese community does not mean that we are opposing the system, instead, we are looking for an improvement to the system, we are looking for resolution to the errors occurred, and such resolution would help both the system to be better off in the future, and of course, set up an appropriate precedent case that will reference to the future similar incidents, thus avoiding a repetition of the same mistake that will occur in the future.

The mainstream society needs to take this opportunity to educate the Chinese community members to increase their awareness of the need of participation, deepen their understanding of the system that we call democracy. It is an opportunity par excellence to encourage the Chinese Americans to participate by appropriately setting up a settlement for the victims of the unfortunate incident due to system errors-- maybe both sides may not wish to happen. The Chinese Americans, in this regard, may learn from Afro-Americans in striving for their group interest. The democratic awareness is not only a theory, it but also should be embodied and implemented, with the right exemplifications, like this case.

Because both the United States and China (Kisinger's definition) --- the two homelands for the Chinese Americans --- are the countries of global responsibilities, the interests of the overseas Chinese in the U.S. are also the concern and topic of Sino-American relations. No matter be based on what theory or reasons, or other incidental, political or
historical misunderstandings, the situation that Prof. Guan has been involved, should be put into consideration of financial settlement --- even just out of philanthropic consideration.

Prof. Guan is a scholar from boot, coming to the US under an invitation. He will continue to strive for the education cause that he spends his lifetime on with his remaining time. He will strive for reclaiming his interests.

Prof. Guan has no purpose other than scholastic pursuit coming to the U.S. He loves the Sino-American cultures, writing several small poems at leisure --- which all support his academic interest. He has no interest in involving the legal issues. Unfortunately, he was CONRNERED to this path by a group of strange-minded people at the University of Minnesota. This Minhua Forum is an excellent exposition to show off part of the iceberg.

Let us review Martin Luther King's dream: (see Guan¡¯s essay: We Are Created Equal)

"We have a dream. Chinese Americans will not be just good cooks, good fishers, and good laborers; we are good politicians, economists, scientists, novelists and poets, programmers and engineers, linguists and journalists, sportsmen and artists. We are as versatile as anybody in this society. We are equal.

We have a dream. Chinese Americans will not be just small, mal-nutritional, or dangerous species, we are Northerners, Shanghaiese, Cantonese, of different body figures, as diversified as Europeans: Finnish, Norwegian, Russian or Germen, or French, Greeks and Serbians, and Italians or Spanish. We are equal.

The United States of America is a land of democracy, not a land of suppression, where a fair ground should be laid for competition. The United States of America is a land of freedom, not a land of persecution, where each ethnic group has its right to survive and thrive, persist and prosper. The United States of American is a land of justice not a land of conspiracy, where everyone, regardless of race, nationality, ethic origin, color, religious believes, should be treated equally as the social creed that affords. We are equal.

Martin Luther King, Jr. passed away, but his spirit, together with the song that he citied in ¡°I have a Dream¡± echoes forever in the American air:

"My country, ''tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing; Land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrim¡¯s pride, from every mountainside, let freedom ring."

We are created equal. "

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