Father and I


I was told Mother was one week
Past-due. Everyone was worried,
Pleaded: please come, come to the world.
Curling up, content in the womb,
So secure, go nowhere I would.

Suddenly, I heard some fast footsteps,
Approaching closer up doorsteps.
Gently on my back a few taps,
You smiled and whispered, clear and dear:
My child, don't you want to see me?

Contrary to old traditions,
You adored me, a girl baby
As pure as jade, as chaste as ice.
You never said what I should be,
But from your eyes, expectations.

Determined and perseverant,
You woke me up when the cock crowed.
I was taught Kongfu as I grew.
When the night curtain fell, you would
Read me stories into my dreams.

You welcomed me into this world,
I wished I showed you the whole world.

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