REEDS (蘆 葦)
By Xiao Fan
Translated by: Ma Hong

Falling one after another

It is again the season of reeds

As light as smoke

As white as snow

Unable to brush the reed flowers off the head

Just let them snuggle up for a while

They like best the slanting stories

Told by the bulbuls

Reeds always sway

     芦 葦

紛 紛 揚 揚

又 是 芦 花 季 節

輕 似 煙

白 如 雪

摘 不 盡

頭 上 的 芦 花
就 讓 它 片 刻 依 偎

芦 葦 最 愛 听 白 頭 翁

訴 說 斜 的 故 事

从 來 沒 有 站 直